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America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride - October 2015

Nearly four thousand cyclists choose to ride together, meet others and make new friends while discovering the greater Los Angeles area.  The rides celebrate bicycling and encourage cycling as a leisure activity, as a sport or as a means of transportation.

This month in celebration of Halloween costumes are definitely encouraged.  Wear costumes appropriate for all ages, family friendly, and which do not hinder your ability to see or impair your ability to cycle safely (avoid costumes that might hang down and get caught down in the spokes or the wrap around the wheel).  Consider decorating your bicycle also.

You have all kinds of riders: the semi-pros with their thousand dollars bikes; the off-hour bike messengers that didn't get enough cycling for the day; the hobbyists; the curious with whatever bike they have - from Cannondale, Trek, Schwinn to a classic, Huffy; the wannabe costumed super-heroes (2 Spidermen) & cosplayers ( Chun-Li, animals like bears including a panda); and my favorite - the avant artist cycling fans, with their tricked-out bikes (some glowing bright, some taller than others, and some blasting sound waves).