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LACM Inclusivity and Non-Partisan Status

Bringing together those of all ages, every walk of life, identity and background, riders of Los Angeles Critical Mass peacefully ride together. The positive social rides celebrate bicycling and encourage cycling as a leisure activity, as a sport or as a means of transportation. The rides advocate for increased awareness of cycling issues, encouraging more to choose to ride a bicycle and most importantly building a positive social community.

During the rides thousands of cyclists celebrate and ride with a purpose. The ride encourages cyclists to meet others, make new friends and develop traits of good character and the value of respect for all. The rides of LA Critical Mass are more than a celebratory bicycle ride. Previous rides acknowledge the importance of standing up for others, and noticing others. Rides highlighted zero tolerance against bullying. After recent terror attacks, riders rode together and significant vigils were held encouraging the values of peace, less hate, and more love. During the rides an effort is made to introduce cyclists who come by themselves to other riders. This is one of the many ways we build our community and encourage positive change through cycling.

The Los Angeles Critical Mass Community, like all communities, is built on the contributions of its members. Significant effort is made to create an inclusive friendly, fun, rewarding and welcoming community. It's about improving the mutual quality of life for all.

Recent revelations of hateful divisive conduct by a few political candidates and officeholders provide an opportunity to remind all of the ride’s position. This is a continuation of the position that hateful or divisive conduct is always inappropriate. Empathy and compassion are vital to who we are as cyclists, citizens, and members of society. Discriminatory, harassing, and intolerant conduct has no place in society and must not come at the expense of principle and what’s more important: good character.

The ride is nonpartisan, has not and does not endorse political candidates. Any suggestion to the contrary is inaccurate.

We have great respect for individuals who dedicate themselves to all forms of public service, not just political office; particularly our Ride Volunteers. Thanks is never enough, and seldom occurs. Service to others is a calling. Those who seek and hold elected office should be of good character, combined with decency, integrity, compassion and with an interest in bettering all. We choose to include and welcome all of good will. We choose love.

There’s an African proverb that says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We encourage everyone to fall in love with cycling and to support a world without hate. Ride as far as you can, or ride it all, but ride together with all of us.