Here is some helpful info to ensure an inclusive positive experience for all riders of America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride, and those we pass along the way.

The start point is at Northeast corner of Wilshire Blvd and Western Avenue, Los Angeles (Purple Line Metro Station street level). The end point is at Sunset Blvd and Western Avenue, (near a Red Line Metro Station).  Riders will often ride back from the end point to or toward the start point.  Ask a Ride Volunteer if you have any questions.

Start point of the night rides every month is:  Northeast corner of Wilshire Blvd and Western Avenue, Los Angeles (Purple Line Metro Station street level).  Leave yourself extra time to ensure you aren't rushed, and can arrive at the start point in a good mood, particularly if driving. The meeting time for all riders is 6:30pm on next Friday, and the ride rolls at 7:29pm. Once it rolls, at this time it is difficult to find the ride since it travels in a different direction each month as we discover new areas of the LA area. We are developing a number of ways to enable riders to find the ride but those are not yet fully perfected. Stay tuned for additional improvements.

Once you arrive at the start point, its always a good idea to meet other riders. Should you have other questions, or determine you would prefer to ride along with one of the Ride Volunteers it is easy to identify them since they are wearing Yellow Reflective Vests that say Ride Marshall.

Please: (the following are a few common examples and are not a comprehensive list.)

All riders are always encouraged to wear a helmet, possess a front and rear light, have at least one working brake, and carry a spare tube, levers, a patch kit, pump and a wrench if necessary.  Check that your bicycle is road worthy, and in good repair.


  • It is each riders responsibility to always ride at your individual ability.  If you feel uncomfortable slow or safely stop so when you are riding you are always in control of your bicycle.  Ride conscious of your speed, particularly when on a decline, and with awareness of the other riders riding near you, so you always have enough room for you to safely stop.
  • It is each riders responsibility to ride safe distance from each other, and away from Support Vehicles, since they make sudden and frequent stops.
  • It is each rider's responsibility to only ride in the correct lanes of traffic.
  • It is each rider's responsibility to determine whether it is safe for them to enter an intersection, whether passing through or turning. Do not rely on others for this critical determination; your safety is paramount and only you can determine whether you can safely enter,  turn or pass through an intersection!

Automobile parking is located near both the start and end point on residential streets. (On the main streets there likely is no parking allowed because of rush hour traffic enforcement). Be certain to read the parking enforcement signs carefully regardless of where you choose to park and then re-read them again to ensure you don't get cited. Wise to also bring change in case you choose to park at a meter.

Snacks, Energy Bars, drinks (water, Gatorade, soda), Limited Edition Spoke Cards, and new this month sticker decals for your bike will all be available from the Ride Support Vehicle(s) (look for the Yellow Flashing Light at Stops) for $1.00/$2.00 donations each. All donations benefit the effort to keep the rides inclusive positive experiences for all. Even if you do not want a drink, snack, spoke card or sticker decal please help us by donating what you can so we can continue to help our fellow riders and make the ride experience even more positive for all.  The rides are donation based.

BEFORE YOU RIDE CHECK THE AIR PRESSURE OF YOUR TIRES. Tires should be filled to their correct capacity, meaning they should be firm, to avoid flats.  In addition, all riders are encouraged to carry with them, an extra tube, levers, patch kit, pump and wrench if needed.   In the event of a flat: a small supply of tubes and patch kits are available for sale from the Ride Support Vehicle with the Yellow Flashing Light and Support Vehicle Signs.

Eating properly and staying hydrated are two of the primary reasons why a rider might struggle. Ideally, drink plenty of water, and avoid caffeinated beverages during the few days prior to the ride.

Reminder: Riding on the sidewalk is not legal in all cities and may be more dangerous than riding with traffic. Please choose to avoid riding on the sidewalks during the rides. The ride will be passing-through different cities, therefore, riders are advised they should ride in the street for their safety and to avoid a citation.

Should you have other questions, let us know as we strive for all to have a positive experience.   At the ride ask a Ride Marshal or at the Support Vehicles and we'll try to help you how we can.  Prepare to have fun riding with thousands of other cyclists during America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride.