Reach Out Include Others in Your Life, You are Not Alone

For some cycling can be an amazing natural anti-depressant. Endorphins get going. Perhaps this was one of many reasons Robin Williams, a fellow cyclist, loved to cycle.  For some having a friend matters. America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride is a community filled with cyclists of every walk of life, and of every identity.  Invite a new friend to cycle with you and to the rides. Commit to meeting at least one new fellow cyclist at our next ride on Friday, August 29th and every ride. Never under estimate the difference You can make in the life of another.  Do more than hear when others say something, Listen to what they are saying and what they might not be saying.  Get Involved and make a difference.

If you or another feel alone, feel overwhelmed or something else is not going well. You are not alone! Talk with others.   If you or another is having trouble coping the following are Free Hotlines for the Departments of Mental Health in:

Los Angeles (800) 854-7771
Orange County (877) 727-4747                        
Riverside County (800) 706-7500
San Bernardino County (888) 743-1478
Ventura County (866) 998-2243