Not one more

We as a community can and must show we too share the road and that penalties for collisions resulting in a fatality and hit and run must be strengthened. Spread the word, encourage your friends and family to join us when America’s Largest Community Bicycle Ride: Los Angeles Critical Mass next rides on March 28th. Ride for yourself. Ride for those you love. Ride for Luis “Andy” Garcia and support the members of his family and friends. We encourage each of you to please consider assisting during the rides. Volunteers ride also, but along the way they assist with communicating gaps and help keep the ride together.

On September 14, 2013, 22 year old cyclist Luis “Andy” Garcia and several others were doing what all of us love to do; ride their bicycle, when an intoxicated driver collided with several of them in Boyle Heights. The driver immediately fled the scene. The injured were being tended to as quickly as possible with Andy lying motionless in the dark and still in traffic lanes after the driver, 21 one year old, Wendy Villegas fled. Shortly afterward an unrelated vehicle appeared who had no idea of what happened which again struck Andy, who died at the scene. Andy was the 12th biking fatality in the City of Los Angeles in 2013, compared to only five in each of the last two years. The defendant is currently considering a plea deal of only 3 1/2 years. We can and must insist on more. Hit and Run effects everyone, not just cyclists.