Today we Thank Veterans, Service Members and their Families

As a nation today we 'celebrate' Veteran's Day. Thanks is too rarely extended and when it is, it is never enough. This is not about whether a particular conflict or war is right; it is about doing right by the men and women who serve and served in a branch of the Armed Forces.

On this Veteran's Day, and every day, at the very least, express your thanks to someone who serves or served; by walking up and thanking them. It will matter. Each of you is encouraged to invite a current or former member of the Armed Forces, or a member of their family to ride with you during our next night ride on the Friday night of Thanksgiving weekend, November 28, 2014.

Want to ride, but don't have a friend who cycles?

Want to ride, but don't have a friend who cycles?  New to town? Feel like you are living someone else's life?  One and all, including you, are encouraged to ride America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride. Meet others, make new friends and explore the City of Angels to your delight in the Summer night.  'With this friendly welcome join us and ride.  Let your wheels treat you to an adventure that helps you unwind in that good night.  And if you come broken we'll do our best to see that you mend so you'll say I can't wait to be with them again. 'Find the will because our journey rolls next on Friday night, August 29th.  Join thousands of other cyclists.  Don't take our word for it, join us and ride it for yourself.


America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride is heading toward rolling out a Weekend DAY RIDE. Here's your opportunity to help make that happen immediately.   Those helping will be eligible to win a free Hydration Water Pack, from Outdoor Products. 

Register to help here:

We are asking for your help.  We would like to identify additional Ride Deputies.  Ride Deputies only help at a few intersections, while they ride their bicycle. We are interested in rolling out a day time version of the rides, on either Saturday or Sundays. These rides will be epic; because the route will be distributed, and even more will choose to ride together.  The choice really is yours.  If you love the night rides, and would like for there to be the day time rides choose to help us help our fellow cyclists so each has an inclusive positive ride experience.

He's always got your back‎, Celebrate his Support

Today we celebrate Father's Day. To some they are called Father, Dad, Daddy, Pa, Papa, Poppie, Padre, Papá, Tatti, Viejo, Abba, Foter, Pattri, Pai, Tatay, Itay, Pedar, Tay, Pita-ji, Bàba, Ta’, Ama, Bapa. No matter the name, no matter whether they gave birth to you or not, today, we honor the special person who throughout the years has supported each of us through thick and thin.

Within them there's a certain wisdom, and a never ending capacity to love. We extend our THANKS and HONOR them.

Happy Father's Day to all the father's who are apart of our community and to those we value! If your father is a cyclist invite him to our next ride, Friday, June 27th.


Constitutional Right and Bedrock to Democracy

Participate, VOTE! Election day is today. America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride believes each of us can make a difference. Every time you have ridden into a pot hole, couldn't get your bicycle on Metro, or had to pay more for school and said is your opportunity to express your opinion meaningfully. Make no mistake, your VOTE DOES COUNT!

Historically, one vote has made a difference. For example, the Legislative votes cast for admitting the States of California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, all of which were determined by single votes.

Many times one single vote does not sway an election. What is certain is “Every election is determined by the people who show up.” If you DON'T vote then you HAVE wasted your vote.

Earn This

Thousands of cyclists of America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride ride together exploring LA, meeting others, and making new friends: be one of them! Live with no regrets, live a full life. Earn, what so many have suffered for, for what so many have given, but can't do: RIDE. Ride for all those who we ride in spirit in with. Ride valuing today, and for a better tomorrow for everyone. Ride, Ride, Ride. Ride as far as you can, or Ride it all, but Ride together with us.

Mothers need to be celebrated!

Happy Mother's Day from America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride to all the mother's who are a part of our community and to those we value! To some they called, Mother, Mama, Mom, Madre, Mamá, Mami, Uma, Mamma, 母亲, mā. No matter the name, no matter whether they gave birth to you or not, today, we honor the special person who throughout the years has supported each of us through thick and thin. Today we extend our special thanks and honor them. However, every day is a day we should value and love those a part our life. Invite your mom, the entire family, bring your friends or meet new ones and ride together when thousands of cyclists next ride together on our next ride.

Be a helper: day time version of the night rides coming when you help

Be a helper: Day time version of the night rides of America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride is coming on Saturday or Sunday Afternoons. Since the rides will be even more epic: additional Ride Marshals helping at intersections, Ride Volunteers encouraging others while riding, and Drivers serving as rear guard of the ride are desired so everyone's experience is positive. If you want to see the rides occur choose to be a helper, or help by donating so we can inspire even more to Ride Daily, Celebrate Monthly.

Not one more

We as a community can and must show we too share the road and that penalties for collisions resulting in a fatality and hit and run must be strengthened. Spread the word, encourage your friends and family to join us when America’s Largest Community Bicycle Ride: Los Angeles Critical Mass next rides on March 28th. Ride for yourself. Ride for those you love. Ride for Luis “Andy” Garcia and support the members of his family and friends. We encourage each of you to please consider assisting during the rides. Volunteers ride also, but along the way they assist with communicating gaps and help keep the ride together.

On September 14, 2013, 22 year old cyclist Luis “Andy” Garcia and several others were doing what all of us love to do; ride their bicycle, when an intoxicated driver collided with several of them in Boyle Heights. The driver immediately fled the scene. The injured were being tended to as quickly as possible with Andy lying motionless in the dark and still in traffic lanes after the driver, 21 one year old, Wendy Villegas fled. Shortly afterward an unrelated vehicle appeared who had no idea of what happened which again struck Andy, who died at the scene. Andy was the 12th biking fatality in the City of Los Angeles in 2013, compared to only five in each of the last two years. The defendant is currently considering a plea deal of only 3 1/2 years. We can and must insist on more. Hit and Run effects everyone, not just cyclists.