America's Largest Community Bicycle Ride: Los Angeles Critical Mass Welcomes You.

LA Critical Mass rides are celebratory rides with a purpose and a rolling conversation.

Riders are entitled to expect Los Angeles Critical Mass rides will roll at 7:29pm from the N.E. corner of Wilshire Blvd and Western Avenue (Purple Line Metro Station is located at that corner). It is important to be early or on time since once the ride rolls it is very difficult to locate the ride since we discover a different area of the LA area each month. We ride approximately 30 miles with a speed approximately 10-12 miles mph, with at least two brief stops at locations with snacks and drinks on premises, on routes enabling riders of all ages, all types of bicycles, and most levels of skill to all join in the fun and arrive around midnight (closer to 11:15pm during cooler weather) at the end point of Sunset Blvd and Western Avenue after a positive inclusive experience.

Parking is available if desired near both the start and end points. For riders taking Metro it is important to verify times since the ride may arrive at the end point with too little time or after the time of the last schedule. Endpoint of LA Critical Mass rides is Sunset Blvd. and Western Avenue, which is very convenient to a Metro Red Line Station.

Snacks, Limited Edition Spoke Cards, drinks and new this month sticker decals for your bike will be available from the Ride Support Vehicle (look for the Yellow Flashing Light at Stops) for $1.00/$2.00 each. All donations benefit the effort to keep the rides inclusive positive experiences for all. Even if you do not want a drink, snack or spoke card please help us by donating what you can so we can continue to help our fellow cyclists and make the ride experience even more positive for all.

We are volunteers striving to help all our fellow riders experience a positive ride. To achieve this expectation, we would like your help.

Please: (the following are a few common examples are not a comprehensive list.)

• bring bright lights, food and water, wear a helmet, and have at least one working brake. In case of a flat; bring an extra tube, patch kit, pump, and wrench if needed.

• expect to ride slowly. Slower than most rides, the inclusive spirit of LA Critical Mass enables riders of all ages and most skill levels to participate, on any type of bicycle.

• talk to each other, have FUN, and meet new people. LA Critical Mass is a rolling conversation. Celebrate and encourage bicycling as a leisure activity, as a sport or as a means of transportation.

• smile, wave and chime bells while riding past pedestrians and motorists, so they wonder why they aren’t riding with us.

• expect to stop regularly particularly if you’re in front (no matter how slowly you think we are going, gaps are opening up behind you).

Be Predictable - Group riding requires even more attention and predictability than riding alone. Other riders expect you to ride straight, at a constant speed, unless you indicate differently.

• keep going in dense packs.

• It is each rider's responsibility to determine whether it is safe for them to enter an intersection, whether passing through or turning. Do not rely on others for this critical determination; your safety is paramount and only you can determine whether you can safely turn or pass through an intersection!

• Watch Out At Intersections - When approaching intersections make sure to call our “slowing”, “stopping” and use hand signals. It is essential that you communicate whether you are riding through, or stopping so other riders behind you will know what your intentions are. If a rider calls out “Clear”, it is your responsibility to verify that there is not approaching traffic.

• Allow cars stuck in the mass to exit or stay behind them until they exit.

• Hold your line - When someone announces "Hold your line," this means that you need to maintain your current position relative to the edge of the road. If you swing out or don't keep your bike steady, you could cause trouble for another cyclist.

• Car Up - This is a verbal caution to beware of an approaching vehicle and to stay right. Repeat the call so others ahead of you also know about the car.

• Car Back - This is a verbal caution to beware of a vehicle coming up from behind. Move to the right as safely possible to allow them to pass. Repeat the call so others ahead of you also know about the car.

• Move Off the Road if you must Stop – Move well off the road so that you don’t interfere with traffic when waiting to regroup or stopping for a mechanical.

• Keep it safe for everyone. Help fill gaps. We want all riders to ride together so the ride is a positive experience for all.

• Maintain a steady speed and hold a consistent line -don't suddenly slow down or speed up, and don't swerve.

• look out for each other. Loudly shout out cycling ride signals, in addition to hand signals, such as "stopping", "slowing", "right turn", "left turn", "pothole", "railroad tracks" to enable riders around and behind you to safely ride. Offer to help other riders who can use help such as with a flat, chain falling off, or loose equipment.

• ride safely and encourage other riders to ride safely so we all have a good ride. Help us in the front by riding either alongside of us or behind the front line of the mass. Ride to the right of double yellow lines, and ride on the sidewalk only when necessary.

• invite others to ride Los Angeles Critical Mass and celebrate with us.

• help us help others. Volunteer your time and ideas so LA Critical Mass is a positive experience for all.

A final point, we are all ambassadors for cycling, in general, and specifically, America's largest Community Bicycle Ride as we travel along the streets and in our communities. Leave a good impression when you ride with others.

Join us on our rides. You'll be happy.

If you are interested in helping us help our fellow riders have a positive experience for all, we desire your assistance. Prior experience is not needed, just an interest in seeing all riders have a positive experience riding LA Critical Mass regardless of type of bike, age or level of skill. Every rider can contribute in their own way and we personalize what volunteers do so they see their effort matters.

Volunteers receive perks and have the opportunity to build community, establish new friendships, and network for work by attending FUN events just for LACM Volunteers. If you are willing to assist either before, during or after rides please visit our Take Action Page at:

Ride Daily, Celebrate Monthly. Los Angeles Critical Mass, we ride the last Friday of every month.

Help us spread the word so more can join in the celebratory rides of Los Angeles Critical Mass. Encourage others to visitour website